Monday, 9 August 2010

Drunken owl ruins tortoise race for vole jockeys

What a jolly day Thursday was. We had a nice drive up to Southport, looking at the views and the architecture. There’s some pretty intense architecture, I can tell you. The Herald was a very friendly place and I felt quite at home there. If it was not miles and miles away I would make it my regular boozer.

Vision Thing and sound man Dan made life very easy for us and they were all so nice! And they played well and made good sound respectively. So I think we will definitely be going back.

Amusing technical things which happened: somehow between doing the sound check and starting our set I managed to change my guitar sound from the reasonable mellow and muddy sound I like to something which really required the wearing of skin tight leather trousers, spiked wrist bands and a maybe a muscle vest. It was awful. What made it worse was the fact that I left it alone for about four songs. I have experienced things sounding different once the gig started before, so I assumed that it was just my ears deceiving me, or the effect of the sound bouncing of the bar maid’s head or something. But after starting our new song “Wear and Replace” and it sounding like Eddie Van Halen’s Jump (which it really shouldn’t) I accepted something was afoot.

The guitar was also very loud, so loud you could smell it. And my hair kept going in my mouth.

After we had played we watched Vision Thing do their, um, thing, and very enjoyable it was as well. All the people came to the front and there was a really warm atmosphere. I have never managed to elicit that kind of goodwill from an audience. Maybe it is my brand of deodorant that is to blame. Must be.

Our maiden album is finished and the artwork has gone to the printers. If you want one just leave a message on facebook and we will sort you out.

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  1. It was an excellent night. Think you guys picked up a few followers. First band on is always tricky as the drinks are only just starting to flow and a few people don't get there til 10ish. Hope we'll see you playing at The Herald again!