Wednesday, 20 April 2011

I have belonged to all manner of hysterical curators

Four gigs go by and I return.

April has turned all busy. Since the gig in the Laugh Inn we have played at the Bumper in Liverpool, Gallery 2 at FACT for the Nerve Centre’s Insurrection and the Shakespeare in Southport. I know Dylan will probably have done as many, if not more, but I think that’s not bad going.

The Laugh Inn was good, nice venue, friendly staff and a good sound man. Thanks Daniel. We got to use their gigantic glitter ball, which lent us a glamorous air. Whilst the venue was nearly empty the only people I know in Chester came to see us, which was good of them. Thank you Kim and Andrew. I seem to recall one of Andrew’s friends telling me something important about the wiring in the place, but I can’t remember what it was. Something about danger.

Our return trip to the Bumper was challenging. For one it smells of stale beer. There were some problems with the sound, I had a little too much to drink and our playing was sub-par. That said we were the only ones who brought any people, thanks to everyone who came along, it brought a tear to my eye. Afterwards I went and drank tequila until an ungodly hour. That brought a little sick to the back of my throat.

Next up was the FACT, which made up for everything. We put together a quieter set for this one, played a new song, turned everything down and had a good time. We even did an encore, our first ever I believe, which goes to show how much we enjoyed ourselves. Special mention to Alan for an outstanding t-shirt and some quality heckling. And to Paul. He knows what he did.
What's Burt looking at?
 Dunno, could be girls.

Finally last Thursday we had a last minute appointment at the Shakespeare in Southport. This is Dan’s (who used to run the gigs at the Herald before it was sold) current base of operations. It was a good venue and sound, and we managed to get the stage area completely dark, which made the visuals look great. Unfortunately the darkness did lead to some “jazz” moments from me, but I don’t think anyone noticed. The Southport faithful came along, which was very good of them. Easy on the eye as well, which is nice.

That’s the past and that is gone. Onwards to the future. On Sunday we are in the Avenue pub in Leigh. The show starts at 20.00 so if you are in range haul your carcass along. We’ve got a 45 minute slot so we’ll be sticking in some extras. Not sure quite what though.

The Badformat on Friday the 29th will round off April and then we are into May. So far we have only two dates booked – two gigs in support of Seba Rashii’s fund raising for Japan. I’ll post details of those up nearer the time.

After May we will be going dark for a while I think. We have some things in the pipeline which we will hopefully be unleashing at the end of July, ish. And a lot of recording to get done. Watch this space, unless you’re driving in which case keep your eyes on the road and your hands where I can see them.

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