Thursday, 5 May 2011

Crackity crackity snappity snappity

That’s it for April then. It was a busy old month. We played 5 gigs, of varying quality, drank more beer than was probably good for us, were subjected to some prolonged interpretive dancing and carried a lot of heavy things up and down several flights of stairs over and over again.

Our final gig of the month at the Bad Format was a hazy affair and very enjoyable to boot. Frank made us feel very welcome and was a superb host. Thanks to the Mashemon faithful for sticking it out until the bitter end and a special commendation goes to Paul for his tireless shape-throwing. Relentless.

We’ve finished two recordings – Curtains and the Texas Sex Club Mix of Dead Dog and I am currently fiddling around with finishing a third – Wear and Replace. We’ve introduced two new songs into the set – Frank Bloke and Guts - and performed our first “quiet” gig in the FACT, which was one of the highlights of the month for me. I have also purchased my first roll of gaffer tape.

You would think that we would be taking it easy after that, but you would be wrong. Last night the two headed creature that waded out of the Mersey two-ish years ago began to grow an extra head. With a beard on it. And drumsticks in its teeth. We have two more gigs in May, playing for the excellent Smiles for Japan event that is being organised by Seba Rashii and associates and then we will be wrapping ourselves in a silky cocoon until the metamorphosis is complete.

Exciting times for us then. All we have to do now is find some places to play in the second half of the year and everything will be fine and dandy. Suggestions and invitations gladly accepted.

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