Thursday, 16 September 2010

My beef is buttered!

Oh I am a happy bunny. Two glowing write ups of our album. That’s a lot of nice words. I shall let it go to my head for a moment. But only a moment otherwise I shall become insufferable.

In addition to this glow I also have the additional pleasure of having set up Ronny Kong Studios MkII in the front bedroom. Everything is arranged neatly and there is a place for everything. I even have space to expand my setup. More metal boxes! More patch leads! More plugs! More dusting….

I am a bit of a technophile when it comes to recording equipment. The problem is I don’t have the spare cash to indulge myself. There are a multitude of things out there which I would love to order and possess and plug in. If only I could get away with not paying the rent for the month and not eating and not paying any bills, I would be able to satisfy my urges for at least a year. Oh well.

Two weeks until our first Death Tax Trouble extravaganza! I have been looking forward to rehearsal all week. Hopefully I will be able to get all the words to our 4, yes 4, new songs in the right place and in the right language. For those who are interested in such things our next set list will run thus:

1. Curtains
2. More
3. Facts
4. Wear & Replace
5. Lips Limbs Lungs
6. Brick
7. Being Boiled (yes, by the Human League!)
8. Dull Boy
9. Sanity Check

If you’ve acquired a copy of the album then you will notice that this set list does not include a substantial number of the songs on it. This is the inevitable result of progress! But new is good, and our new tunes are also good. Our direction of travel is now taking us from the Empirical to the Rational. If Removal Music is David Hume then this next phase is a bit more Rene Descartes. I reserve the right to retract that statement after I have thought about it a bit more. Anyhoo, maybe see you on the 25th of September.

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