Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Dancing gulls all over the park

I have been moving house. I have been putting things in boxes, putting boxes in piles, piling boxes into a van, unloading a van, moving boxes into a house and then taking things out of boxes. Last night I filled a wardrobe with bass guitars. Tonight I will find a home for a legion of socks and pants.

Our first album is out and about and people seem to like it. Tony at Liverpool Bands gave us a very nice write up, which gave my ego a very pleasant burnish. Of course, now it is finished the only thing to do it make a new one. So far we have four songs, in various states of repair. The impact of moving house will become apparent when we start recording them since I will no longer be using the carpeted dining room of an end of terrace house, but the front bedroom of a mid terrace house which has bare floorboards. I am sure this will have massive ramifications for the sound. Colossal, gigantic, enormous.

We have booked the acts for our first regular night Death, Tax, Trouble in the basement under News from Nowhere on Bold Street. It’s on the 25th of September and I would encourage you to come along and bring a carrier bag of Buckfast with you, or maybe a bottle of Crème de Menthe.

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