Thursday, 13 September 2012

Mentol rocket blast! Full & Frontal!

The expansion has been a success and we now move onto phase 8 of the plan. At least I am fairly certain this is phase 8. Things left to do this year:

  1. Do our final 3 track EP for the year.
  2. Do a split EP with Dass Unser so we can jettison our pop music ballast.
  3. Start making preparation for what we will be up to next year.
 We’ve already got started on next year’s project and I’m confident it will be at the very least a pleasing diversion. One thing I will say is, if you haven’t got hold of anything which we’ve already done either on CD or as a download, do it before the end of the year.

Next gig is on the 19th of October in the Lomax. We’ve got some class acts lined up, as displayed below:

It is going to be Professor Graham’s first gig with us and I am expecting you all to show him some goddamn respect. Not only is he more intelligent than you are, but he is also a professional wrestler and can probably open you up like a tin of sardines. So don’t start giving him aggro or being all up in his face because, and I am not exaggerating, he will fucking end you.

Really, I don’t know why I always have to tell you to just behave and act nice, anyone with half a brain would have learnt from the last time, but no, you just can’t help yourself. What about that butcher you were taunting last Tuesday? And that chef in the Chinese restaurant? I am not going to spend another evening in A&E waiting for you to have something else sewn up, stitched back on, pulled out or shoved back in. 

In other news: I saw my second Mock Mock Tudor house yesterday on my way to Shrewsbury. If you or anyone you know lives in a Mock Mock Tudor house I would love to meet either you or them and I woud love to love you or them even more. 

Other other news: that thing I said about these blogs happening more often: fucking lies! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAAAAAAAAAAAA!

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