Friday, 20 April 2012

Lemon scented crack den

The dust has settled around the Kompressor EP then. We’ve had some good reviews of the opening night here:

and here:

Seba Rashii supplied a glowing review of the EP:

And with that brief flurry it’s all gone silent. The world has spun and more important things have occurred. So rather than pine for our brief moment in the sun we’ve started planning our next release.

In their rawest form the plans are as follows:

  • Another 4 track EP and accompanying gig.
  • Some videos featuring actual band members in motion.
  • Some web-based performances for you to cut out, keep and touch yourself to.
  • A gig on a zeppelin floating over the great cities of Europe.
  • The grand opening of the “Mashemon Boutique of Perversion” Fetish Emporium.

I admit that some of these events are more likely than others and I wouldn’t be so bold as to put a time scale on any of it, but I will say that the EP and videos will be done in a matter of months. The other stuff may take a little longer.

We have a gig coming up in the Zanzibar on the 4th of May. A good slot as well, at 10.00pm. So you have plenty of time to lose your inhibitions beforehand. Apparently we will be acquiring some tickets, so get in contact via Facebook if you want one.

Tomorrow we will be attending the Record Store Day Band Fair at FACT to distribute some of the final copies of the Kompressor EP. Come along and get one while there are physical copies left. Kicks off at 2pm.

This must be one of the most sensible posts I have ever done. It is full of actual information that may be of interest and use to people. I don’t know if this bodes well. I’ll have to start concocting something opaque and obtuse as soon as possible.

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