Friday, 3 June 2011

Preparing Pre-Preventative Cultural Retardation Measures

Not had a gig for a whole 20 days and I have another 22 left to go before our evening in the social centre. That’s 42 days. So far this year I have had to wait 25 days at most between gigs and on average we have had a gig every 10 days. I’ll be including a full breakdown in the annual report.

Not that I have been lazy and sitting around in my dressing gown eating fondant fancies and filing my fingernails. Oh no no! There has been song writing and recording to be done. This has not been the easiest task though. The vocals and guitars for the first album were recorded in my dining room, which was quite a nice room to record in even if the rest of the house was cold and damp and horrible. Unfortunately, despite my new home being neither cold nor damp nor horrible, I now have to record in our spare bedroom. The atmosphere just hasn’t been right and I have been struggling to work out what the matter is and what I can do about it.

So I had a think and came to the conclusion that it was the fact that this house is a mid-terraced affair whereas our last place was at the end of the terrace. This meant that I could sing to my heart’s content safe in the knowledge that no one would be listening. This is not the case in our new place. I can hear our next-door neighbour’s telephone ringing most of the time, so they can definitely hear me bellowing away. And that bothers me. It makes me all shy and timid. So there was only one solution that I could think of.

Booze. Yes, a few glasses of anxiety inhibitor are definitely the answer. There’s a balance to be struck of course, I want to have the rosy glow and the inability to properly appreciate the consequences of my behaviour, but I don’t want to end up with the diction of Shane MacGowan. Don’t want anything too gassy either. Whilst my belches have a certain rich bass texture I find it quite hard to get them in tune and we don’t use any pitch adjusting techniques in Mashemon. We do a lot of other things, but that’s just not cricket.

So the recording is back on track. Our first single of the year will be a three track affair containing the following:

1. Lips Limbs Lungs
2. Dead Dog (Texas Sex Club Mix)
3. Note Left Unwritten

Should be ready for July. I am also pleased to announce that this single will feature live drums. Our rehearsals with Andy have been going extremely well, so well in fact that I have been making involuntary Rock Singer Exclamations. I have never been one to do that sort of thing, making those “woo” and “yeah” noises and letting out a bit of “huh” and “hoo” or maybe a little “ooooootakemetothebridge”. I’ve just never felt the urge. But I did the other day. We rocked like a mother. Fucker. And the R.S.E just slithered out. Not too many, I have standards, but a couple. I think my posture may have improved as well. And I definitely did more hair shaking. Whether these are welcome modifications I don’t know, you’ll have to come and watch us on the 25th of June and make your assessment then. I’m excited now and I’ve still got 22 days left to wait. By the time of the gig I’ll be so excited I won’t be able to get my trousers on.

Things are going to sound different, louder for a start. Here’s the set:

1. Guts
2. Kompressor
3. Frank Bloke
4. Another Man's Dirt
5. Sanity Check
6. Lips Limbs Lungs
7. Facts

Not 100% sure about the order yet, but that’s what we’ll be doing. Still confirming the other bands for the night, but it’ll be a grand old time. Come along and partake. If not I’ll be coming round yours and you won’t like that at all.

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