Wednesday, 8 June 2011

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Why I like Talk to Frank

There is a new (new to me at least) promoter about and they are called Talk to Frank. You might have heard of them.

We first played for them in the Bad Format club at the end of April. Our previous trip there had been a pretty bleak experience, so we were a little cautious about playing there. Ever the optimist I thought that it couldn’t be that bad again. Whilst the turnout was a bit sparse (our intrepid gang of middle-aged co-conspirators made up most of the audience) we had a grand time, played well and I left with a warm glow of satisfaction. A good deal of this warm glow was down to the Frank in Talk to Frank, Mr Frank Hedges.

You meet a lot of “cool” people in this line of work. You meet a lot of people who dam up their enthusiasm for some reason. I’m not much good at that especially when it comes to getting out and making music and as far as I can tell neither is Frank. I like him for this. I also like him because he always gets back to me. I have fired off messages to numerous promoters and I think that I would not be unfair in saying that Talk to Frank is the only one I would be perfectly confident of getting a reply back from, either from Frank himself or Joanne. Good manners cost nothing after all.

Friendly, enthusiastic and they reply to messages. Frank also got out of bed to come to our gig in Parr Street for the Smiles for Japan event. Friendly, enthusiastic, replies to messages and has good taste. If I had a Christmas card list they’d be on it.

Here’s what I suggest you do. If you’re in a band and you’re looking for a gig and you’re not the sort of person who dicks people around and has unreasonable demands (not that anyone like that would be reading this I am sure) then drop him a line and ask for a gig. If you would like to know what a Talk to Frank night is like then check out his facebook page for updates. If you want to know what a Talk to Frank promoted Mashemon gig at the Lomax is like, get your arse down there on the 20th of August. I think knicker throwing would be appropriate.

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