Tuesday, 1 March 2011

If you love your neighbours lift your weights in the nude

The buzz lasted for about 2 days. Now it is gone and I need another dose. Saturday night at the Herald in Southport was great. I was genuinely pleased with what we did and how well it all went. Need to get the suit cleaned though because it was a sweaty one.

Iron Age bubble, found in
Budleigh Salterton last Thursday

We shared the evening with two other bands. First up were Ratty Little Fingers, who were very enjoyable and folksy. I felt a bit sorry for the banjo player who had to stand at the business end of a bubble machine. It did occur to be that if you had a grudge against someone making them stand at the business end of a bubble machine would be a reasonably passive aggressive application of your grudge. Pissing in the bubble machine first would elevate this, but I’m not sure where to. I am sure there is a word or phrase for it somewhere in the world, possibly in a culture that is more urine centric.

The Star Turn of the evening was Vision Thing who were excellent and anthemic and majestic. Their drummer, Matt, has now recovered from a fractured back which I hear he received in a no holds barred mixed martial arts death match somewhere in the Devonshire countryside. Rumour has it that he owns a necklace of human ears, trophies from his previous bouts. I would ask but I need my ears to tuck my hair behind when I am trying to eat.

Now I have to wait a whole 3 and a bit days until the next one, which is in Manchester. I don’t know what to expect but I am sure we will have a grand old time. The night is organised by a band called Floone. I imagine a Floone is some kind of technical term in the steel-making industry, or maybe textiles. Something along the lines of:

“Eee lad, watch thou face on’t floone, it’ll take ee nose clean off. Thun yule haff to go hoom with it in tut hankercheef fur tut muther to sew back t’ont face.”

I’m not saying it definitely is; only that it probably definitely is. I can’t think of a more plausible explanation. I will ask and then let you know because that's what I do.

In other news you may have noticed that we have a new song on youtube called Curtains. If you listen to it and like it why not leave a comment? In fact, you could leave a comment here or there. Or even on the wall of a public toilet, if you can find one.

I think that's about it so I'll stop. My knee hurts and I don't know why.

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