Friday, 27 January 2012

Relentlessly fabulous gravy training.

Thought I would give the New Year a chance to show me what it’s got before I started blathering on about anything. So far it has shown me nothing that previous years haven’t. January is cold and I’m broke. Thanks 2012, I see, I see very well.

In music news we’ve been beavering away recording stuff in Andy’s studio and it is sounding pretty immense. We still have some mixing to do and some artwork to finalise but the final thing should be ready in March. And in March we will be doing a gig in the Lomax to launch it. You heard it here first, unless you already knew, in which case you didn’t. If you feel the need to tell me that you already knew then feel free but know this: I already knew you knew. How does knowing that make you feel? Guess what: I already know.

Our plans have changed somewhat from before. Instead of one album for 2012 we’ll be doing two EPs. Track listing for the first one is:

  1. Curtains
  2. Kompressor
  3. Frank Bloke
  4. Suburban Regeneration Project
  5. Wear and Replace

That’s a preliminary running order there, so don’t be surprised if it changes. That’s what you’re getting though and it is going to rock your little corner of the world. If you listen to it. It is primarily an aural experience. So if you’re not going to listen to it don’t come crying to me if you find your world has not been rocked. Of course if it does rock your world and you haven’t actually listened to it I would like to know what you were doing with it in order for that to happen. If you want to send photographic evidence feel free.

We’re also lining up to play in the Lomax on the 17th of February. Not sure quite who will be on, but I need to get out and make some noise. I can hear my suit sobbing in the wardrobe, it keeps asking me why we don’t go out anymore. There’s only so many times you can tell a suit to be patient and I think we are nearing that number. Poor thing. It misses the excitement, the tension and the heavy lifting. So come along and make my suit feel wanted and loved. It thrives on affirmation.

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