Sunday, 16 October 2011

Your beastly arse.

I have been a shell of a man today. So to perk myself up I helped Mike with the recycling from last night. I am now a shell of a man who smells of stale beer and nastiness.

Last night was epic. Great turnout, superb bands and a wonderful atmosphere. I don’t think I would be wrong in saying that was the best Death Tax Trouble we have put on in a while. Everything came together just right.

Dass Unser were superb, starting off the night with just the right vibrations and drawing people in. They have a great sound and I do believe we will be asking for their services again in the future. I recommend you go and see them the next time you can.

We, of course, were what we are. Reasonably steady on our feet and facing the right way. What more can you expect? Nothing, that’s right, you can expect nothing else.

Das Beat were also a joy. Not only was the music great but they managed to get all their gear in the stage area and not clout each other with their guitars. Musicianship and spatial awareness = gifted. We’ll get them back again as well.

Darren Aston supplied the tunes from his virtual wheels of steel and stayed on station ensuring that there were no nasty sonic gulfs. Well played that man. I do believe we are going to engage his services for our next outing as well. I imagine that equates to brand loyalty doesn't it? Does it? Yes of course it does.

We were also very lucky to have lots of pictures taken by the lovely Heather. I thought she captured our raw masculine sexuality and thunderous loins very well. To that end she will be shooting the Mashemon 2012 nude calendar for us. It will be a torrid collection of sordid, tasteless and in some cases downright unpleasant pictures which will hopefully appeal to perverts of the lowest order and make right minded people vomit into their own, and each other’s, laps.

In other news the new single is 60% complete. Two songs recorded, one well on its way. The covers have come back from the printers and we’ve set a date for mixing. These are pleasing developments. Track listing has changed from what I said previously and now runs thusly:

  1. Guts
  2. Lost and Found
  3. Low Pressure System

Not that it makes much difference, since you’ll likely never hear what was going to go on as B and C sides anyway. They just didn’t get through quality control.

In the car home from rehearsal the other night we were trying to work out how the album’s running order would look. Here’s what we have so far, in various stages of completeness and in no particular order:

  1. Lips Limbs Lungs
  2. Guts
  3. Curtains
  4. Frank Bloke
  5. Wear and Replace
  6. Kompressor
  7. Another Man’s Dirt
  8. Suburban Regeneration Project

That’s eight songs. We need one or two more and then we’ll have an entire thing.  Not bad at all.

Right. That little lot has taken me an hour to write. So very very very hungover. Send help. Or flowers.

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