Thursday, 18 November 2010

4 dimensional Etch A Sketch gave me rickets

Wonderful gig at the Herald in Southport on the 11th of November. It was our second time there and it was a really good atmosphere. I’m certainly looking forward to getting back in the New Year.

We have another one coming up on the 26th of November in the Everyman in Liverpool. Not played there before so it will be an adventure! Thanks to Ade Jackson for asking us to play. Apart from that it looks like we will be getting the rest of the year off (bar rehearsal of course).

So how will we be spending these dark and grimy nights? There’s the next batch of songs to work on; we have 3 written but not recorded, 2 written but not arranged, 2 written but in need of rearrangement and one idea that needs expanding on. That makes 8 songs, nearly enough for another album!

We have just done an interview for the website Sevenstreets – a wonderful website all about Liverpool and what is going on in it. Hopefully we have given some reasonably intelligible (if not intelligent) answers to their questions. It will be nice to have a bit more exposure for us. It is nice to be popular after all.

That's nice that is.

The other day I saw a pair of magpies having a proper fight. They were surrounded by other magpies that, as far as I could tell, were goading them on. I didn’t know what to do; should I intervene in the style of a teacher stopping a playground brawl, or should I join in with the goading and hopefully be accepted into magpie society? I am not ashamed to say that I did the latter. It is, after all, nice to be popular. Soon I will be their King, mark my words.

They have also started hiring out my fighting pit on a Tuesday evening.

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